What we Do


Structured Cabling

 When it comes to network cabling, simply implementing cabling that meets current needs is not a business savvy approach. Cable infrastructure has the longest life cycle and is less expensive than most network components. Businesses should plan ahead by selecting a cabling solution advanced enough to meet future needs.  Cat6 cabling or 6a  will ensure that your cabling infrastructure will be sufficient for  years  and your business will not need to go through the trouble and expense of upgrading again for a long time. We adhere to BICSI standards to ensure  all work is up to today's industry requirements. 

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic Backbone and Campus wiring is a critical part of any structured wiring solution. Choosing the right Fiber will help to future -proof your Network. We can help you determine the correct fiber and implement the most cost effective method.

WiFi Deployment

Upgrading your wireless network? We can help deploy your new solution. Platinum has managed many large scale WiFi projects. From 2 to 2000 Access Points, we will install, confirm network connectivity test and provide   detailed reporting.

WiFi Heatmapping

Platinum uses the Ekahau Site Survey tool for  designing, analyzing, optimizing and troubleshooting WiFi Networks. Contact us before your next WiFi deployment or to analyze your existing network. Detailed reporting ensures an informed decision for your WiFi needs.