Platinum will start by speaking with you about your desires for security measures and will also conduct a Facility Vulnerability Assessment to determine the best options to safeguard your business. Once you are happy with the security system options, we will begin the work to make your business a hardened target to deter theft and vandalism and protect the business, facility and people who work for you.
Want to do multi-layer security and implement each stage over a period of time? No problem. We will create a plan that will encompass all the components of your custom security system, and place them into service in phases.
No matter what you need, Platinum will work with you personally to build the most comprehensive security system package for your business.
Our business solutions include:
Security Alarms/Intrusion Systems: Prevent break-ins, theft and vandalism with a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system.
Video Surveillance: With our video surveillance systems, you can monitor what’s going on at your business from anywhere at any time. Platinum offers a wide array of high-quality surveillance equipment for indoor or outdoor use that can be customized to meet your needs.

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